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Body Language Company

Body Flow Yoga at 7pm

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Body Flow Yoga is made for those who enjoy yoga but would like a little more fast paced sequences. This is ideal for all levels and can be modified to fit each individuals needs. This class incorporates various flowing sequences to warm up the body and keep it flowing throughout the class with increasing flexibility as you go.

After your class feel free to stay after and enjoy a private shopping experience with exclusive discounts! Class starts at 7pm in our shop.

We ask you show up 10 minutes prior to class starting and bring your own yoga mat, blocks ,stretch straps, towel and water. We have these items to purchase as well. As always if you have any questions do not hesitate to call us at 267-544-0432 or email

Return policy

There are no returns accepted for tickets purchased unless cancelled from the instructors.


All our instructors are local women instructors. All our instructors are certified in their fields and always learning the next big fitness trends to keep you up to date.