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Jupiter Gear

Core and Abs Exercise Slider Discs

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Slide into better shape with these slider disk core and abs exercise gliders. Gliders are great for resistance floor training using your own bodyweight to increase your workout level. Core sliders are the perfect piece of equipment for defining your abs! Get a low impact, yet highly effective workout, especially for your core! The dual-sided gliding discs can be used on both carpet and hard floor surfaces for an endless variety of exercises. Perform low-impact core and full-body toning workouts whether you’re at home, traveling, or in the gym.

Features at a Glance: Improves core strength, balance, and agility 2-sided to work on any surface (use on carpet or hardwood floors) Low-impact way to exercise with intensity Won’t scratch floors Lightweight for port

Specifications: Measurements: 7” diameter, 1/4" height Weight: 8 oz/pair Material: ABS plastic, EVA foam

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There are no returns accepted for tickets purchased unless cancelled from the instructors.


All our instructors are local women instructors. All our instructors are certified in their fields and always learning the next big fitness trends to keep you up to date.