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Acupoint Yoga Stretching Strap with Loops

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Elevate your skills safely and improve your range of motion - This stretch out strap helps improve your yoga and stretching. Enhance your flexibility and balance using Acupoint's yoga straps for stretching with loops, to get in shape, improve posture and feel younger. More than just a yoga strap - Need a back stretcher, hamstring stretch strap, leg stretching strap, muscle stretching strap, or stretch strap for physical therapy? This fitness yoga band is a good warm up accessory for your ballet, cheerleading, crossfit training, and rehab sessions to name a few. Strong and sturdy tightly-woven nylon - This yoga strap for stretching is 96 inches long and 1.57 inches wide and guaranteed to provide safe assisted stretch outs. Well-made using top notch materials, it is powerful and can hold a lot of weight. Use it daily and extensively without worry that it will rip apart or be stretched out of shape.